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Verricis [userpic]
Prompt: Injustice-verse
by Verricis (verricis)
at June 8th, 2013 (08:47 am)

I haven't read the comics and have only played the game but haven't seen any Tim or Kon in the Injustice series so... I was wondering if anyone else noticed this and here are some ideas for some fics.

1: Tim and Kon try to leave the fight and Superman kills them

2: Tim and Kon escape and nearly make it out and now are in hiding there love and friendship are strained as they make sure they are loyal to each other and not anyone else.

3: Damien tries to kill Tim and Kon saves Tim; both in hiding, cowards grace, they hate themselves fro leaving but they don't want the other to die in the fight.

Something about Kon and how Superman hates him for being part Luthor, Tim choosing love over the family, how the superheroes try not be heroes. how they deal with the communist Superman.