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Ki [userpic]
sign-ups for dcu_bang 2013 are open!
at May 4th, 2013 (12:02 am)

Sign-ups are now open for the 2013 dcu_bang!

Author, accompanying fanworker, and beta/cheerleader sign-ups are all open. Click through to the comm below.

dcu_bang || dcu_bang || dcu_bang

2013 Dates

1 May: Sign-ups open (author, accompanying fanworks, beta/cheerleader)
8 May: Author sign-ups close
1 June: Author check-in
1 July: Author check-in
1 August: Author check-in
28 August: Author rough drafts due (at least 80% complete)
30 August: Fic summaries go up for fanworkers to peruse
31 August: Claiming opens
7 September: Claims close; no more fanworker signups
1 October: Mandatory check-in for authors and artists; posting sign-ups open
13 October: Final drafts due
16 October: Posting begins
13 November: Posting ends